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Remembering happy things- autumn

I was trying to remember happy memories today, and I tried to go back through my childhood. I have a lot of unhappy memories- things that weren’t unpleasant at the time, but would have been if I’d known better. If … Continue reading

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People’s beliefs are stupid. And it’s ok to believe that.

The title here says it all. A lot of times, people try to be peacemakers. They say we should be tolerant and let others be. I’m all for tolerance, but as Greta Christina says (and I’m paraphrasing), “You don’t have … Continue reading

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Recovering from mental illness

Well,it happened again. The stress of school ate at me so much that I finally broke down and couldn’t cope. I was clinically “in crisis” and quite frankly could have been taken to the hospital. Instead, my psychiatrist opted for … Continue reading

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