Religious dollar bill

how annoying

how annoying

I got this dollar bill at work today… I’m a cashier and someone used this to pay. Interesting. The border says “God loves you- Jesus save’s you. Look in Bible John 3:16-20 Repent”

How annoying. Using dollar bills to advertise your own religious thoughts. I know several people who would be infuriated by this. However, I decided to play the game too instead of get upset. I put “Thanks but I’m Jewish, and my friend here is atheist.” (In reference to a friend of mine who is hard-core atheist.)  lolz. Made ME laugh at least, but I showed the cashier on duty after me and she got all nervous about handing it out to people. Puh-lease, live a little. ;o)

But this dollar bill got me thinking about several things. First and foremost, please tell me there’s not some creeper in his basement just writing on all the dollar bills he can in order to spread the “good news.” I just keep imagining this fat guy in his mom’s basement going to the bank everyday in order to change a twenty dollar bill for twenty ones and then drawing on them. Then hes creeping out the cashier at his local grocery store because he pays for everything on ones with messages of “God loves you!” on it. Creeper.

The second thing it made me think about was the fanatacism of some certain Christian sects. Having grown up in a rather fundamentalist Christian area, I have seen it at work (closely.) I suppose one needs to remember that these people truly believe that they are saving your SOUL. We’re talking about FOREVER here, folks. (Or at least, that’s what they believe.) If they aren’t helping you “find God,” then they themselves are at fault for not “showing you the way.” Hmm, a dilemma indeed. But it also begs the question- are they doing this for themselves or for you?”

I believe they really think they’re doing something good, something that will help you. Assuming that, let’s now think about what it means to be “saved.” In the religious Christian context, it generally refers to a single, dramatic moment in a person’s life when he/she decides that God is the one true God, Jesus is/was His son, and they determine that the rest of their life must be dedicated to Jesus. (Jesus being one and the same as God- but the trilogy is a debate for another day.) So let’s think. You have decided that God is the way to go. You pray to Him, try to get others to see that Jesus saved all of us poor wretched souls from eternal damnation, and that you are CONVINCED, 100%, Jesus is the real deal. Well, That means you have to do everything good, am I right? Gow wants you never to do evil. Well, if you are TRULY dedicated to God, you’ll never be able to succumb to temptation. You know He’s the right one, you’ve been saved, after all! Being saved guarantees you a spot in heaven. So if this is right, and you have to do good, why are some people still doing bad things (they KNOW they are “evil’) even though they are saved? Well, one option is that they aren’t really saved. Well, ok, but what about the rest? Well, that’s just human mistake. This is where I disagree. Human mistake is us not knowing what is right or wrong, and accidentally picking wrong. If you are saved, and you do something that is intentionally bad, (which everyone does,) then it must mean you aren’t saved. But then this creates a vicious circle, doesn’t it? That means no one can be saved! And it also means, consequently, that we’re all going to hell! Well, shit, why are we trying to do “good” at all?!

So that’s one reason why I don’t think being “saved” really exists. Having one bvery emotional moment in your life, when you feel like there’s something bigger than you, and someone else is in control, its not salvation. It’s a relief, yes, and even beautiful sometimes. But don’t mistake feelings for truth. I once thought that I was “saved” too. But feelings fade. And you will look back and possibly be embarrassed by your naivete; you’ll look around and see that as much as you believed in at that one moment when you were “saved,” there are just as many people in other religions who have had that same feeling; but they have feelings for different beliefs than what you thought. So if everyone is capable of having that one emotional moment, which is called being saved in Christianity, it must not be restricted to Christianity. And since the only “evidence” for this moment of salvation is the intense feeling, (a feeling which people who AREN’T Christian also feel about different things,) there’s really no evidence at all. Everyone can feel intensely about different things; and to say that people who are not Christian just aren’t feeling it as intensely as Christians do (because they are the “right” religion or something like that,) is being demeaning to your fellow man.

On quite another tact, I do like this dollar bill as an expression of America. It was founded, and most people are like, “In God we trust.” and then turned it into “Be saved! Everyone must feel this way.” Now there are those of us who say, “Yeah that’s your religion, but mine’s different.” And then we get irritated because religions get pushed upon us. Hmm, a little microcosm in a dollar bill? I know I’m stretching it, but its fun.

Hm, quite a lot of thought aroused from this little chance encounter. Could it be a sign from God? lol

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One Response to Religious dollar bill

  1. Cristi. says:

    wow this is amazing. haha for reals that dollar. wow.
    I Wrote that on the dollar.
    Im from Morgan Hill this is Crazy i Thought this dollar would reach the bank and they would burn it or due away with it.

    Just to let you know im not a fat man in a basement, im a young girl who trusted God to put this in the right persons hand.

    i wrote on this dollar about three weeks ago. and i just said a simple prayer something like God your good and have blessed me so much keept me safe and given me strength and loved me. I pray that if its your desire that someone would come back to loving you believing in you or experiencing you for the first time.
    You may be thinkin im lyin but im not!!
    I love that you put so much thought into this. I know this is a sign from God not only for me but for you. He Loves You and thats no lie.

    Its one thing to have little goosebumps and feel Gods Love and its another to truely have that encounter where you know that you know God Gave his son to die for me, so i could live life to its fullest. and be made whole im not talkin about having everything in life, but having peace and joy and to heal your wounds.

    thats so true some people try to replace truth with feeling but it is so much deeper than that.

    Man this is awsome and i could go on and on but im going to shut it and if you want you can respond back. I will be praying that you some how find out that God as in Jesus Christ Pops is the true God and that You might have a true blow your socks off experience to rekindle the relationship you said you had at one point in your life

    One Love, Cristi

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