Mid-America ISKF Karate Camp

I went to ISKf (mid’america region) Michigan training camp and it was GREAT! It really takes my karate to a different level when I train with so many others better than me. It’s like you see everyone else doing it right, you can’t help but do it better yourself.

Sensei Hiro Okazaki was kind enough to lead the camp and most of our trainings for us. Friday had 1 evening training, Saturday 3- 6:30AM, noon, and evening, and Sunday (today) had another 6:30AM. It was great! I learned SO MUCH! I feel like I will be much better when I go back to my regular dojo tomorrow, and I feel much more confident for my brown belt test. (Of course there are still things I need to work on, like my kata, heian godan, for example.)

The first practice, Sensei Okazaki allowed the color belts to be in front. I was surprised that he didn’t correct me specifically on anything, but I will take that as a sign that I was doing things at a good purple belt level. At one point there was a wasp crawling around on the floor right where I needed to step, and I knew if I didn’t get rid of it somehow I would get stung. So I looked around and saw a sandal by a bag at the side, and I got out of lline, grabbed the sandle, killed the bug, and swept it off to the side. Apparently Sensei was kind of laughing at me when I did this, and I realized later that I had grabbed HIS sandal! hahaha He had a very good sense of humor though.

We also got to swim in the lake and play on some big aqua toys (a big inflatable slide and inflatable trampoline.) It was fun but we were wearing these choking life jackets and I came in after I was tired. The cool lake water felt really good on my sore legs though. Today I am very burnt and very sore; and very happy with all of that! The only thing I’m not happy with is the slight hangover I have… I actually woke up still a little bit drunk, but I survived training and even did pretty good, so all is well! As long as I am aware enough to get a good chunk of information out of it, I am happy. I was also proud of not taking any naps all weekend. (I have been having trouble sleeping too much recently- 13 to 15 hours a day. And by recently, I mean since January. Don’t worry though, I’m getting a doctor to look at it.) I just took a rough nap on the way home, and that was all. No sleeping through training! Gotta admit though, that NOS energy drink helped me out before Saturday’s noon training!

I am going to try to post some of the notes I took so that others online can see it. I want to post pictures, but I prefer to keep that to people who know me; I want to keep this blog relatively anonymous and posting a picture of myself would be… not anonymous.

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  1. derekpm says:

    Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

  2. Adam Clouser says:

    I was there as well. It was a great time! Lots of hard work, quality instruction, and fun! I will definately be going again next year.

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