First Funeral 3- 8/8/09

The funeral was today, and I was furious with my aunt. You see, my grandfather was a very non-religious man, and he hated preaching, especially at funerals. We all agreed (my mother and her two brothers, as well as my grandmother) that there should be no preaching or a ton of religious stuff at the funeral. My uncle’s wife went against all of their wishes and asked the Baptist preacher to say a ton of religious, Jesus-centric things. Stuff that was absolute hogwash! I kept waiting for my grandpa to rise up out of the coffin and strangle the preacher, who had given his word not to be so religious. He was saying things about my grandpa that weren’t true, like saying he was saved. Or that “I think he would want me to tell you that if you’re not ready for death, you better get ready by devoting your heart to Jesus.” Ridiculous! I nearly jumped out of the pew and finished the service myself. I was so furious. He was also saying things like, “He died in the Lord, as it says here in the scripture, those who die in the Lord will be rewarded. That means that if you are in the Lord when you die, you’ll be rewarded. Now what does that mean? That means you have devoted your life to Christ…” Bull-shit! Grandpa did not believe ANY of that! I almost told the precher as much, but my grandma did not want to cause a scene and she was already hurting so much, I didn’t want her to be hurt any more. And at the burial site, the guy even got my grandfather’s name wrong. His NAME! How can you DO that??? It wasn’t even close! I was infuriated. I am going to compose a small facebook tribute because that is the best I can do to chip away at the disrespect he was shown by his so-called family member. (Possibly plural.) Aunt, I hope you are happy that you got the closure you needed, because you were the only one. You opened wounds in my grandmother’s heart that might never be healed, and you showed such disrespect to my grandfather that it will take a massive amount of self-restraint on my part to be even cordial to you. I hope you and your preacher are happy that you’ve fulfilled your “Christian” duty. You should apologize to my grandfather, grandmother, my grandfather’s children, God, and all Christians for representing Christians in such a manner.

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  1. Mackeran says:

    Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  2. Brown says:

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

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