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I’m very happy to report that I’ve been slowly weaning off of my medication! I was on 40mg of citalopram (the generic version of lexapro) for several years, I lost count. Its been… 3 yrs I think. One of the side effects of citalopram are really wild and crazy (and detailed) dreams. So I thought, before they leave me for a long time, I would report one of them as an example.

I dreamt that my boyfriend and I were getting new cell phone plans, and he wanted me to get Sprint. We were in a brick building that looked like a town hall or a school, and there was a woman with a Sprint table set up (similar to what you would see in the atrium of a college campus.) I was very upset that he wanted me to get Sprint, because I was very sure that it was bad and Verizon was much better. I cried and cried and my boyfriend was very adamant, almost disdainful, saying that Sprint was just fine and there was nothing wrong. So I finally agreed to get Sprint.

Of course the lady was very excited and helped us get started picking out our new phones. I was shocked when she told us how we were going to decorate them. We climbed out of the brick room via a tunnel like those you see in PlayPlaces at McDonald’s and similar fast food places, and found ourselves amongst a bunch of chicekns and rabbits, each in their own little cage/crate; but the crates were composed of additional PlayPlace equipment instead of wire. The colors were orange and yellow, and there was a bubble of clear colorless plastic allowing you to look in at the selected animal. Most of them were chickens, but there were a few rabbits. I was looking at a chicken that was white with black speckles, and the lady explained that we would each pick one animal that we liked, and that one would be killed and its fur or feathers used to cover our cell phone. I was extremely distraught, and saw a velvety brown rabbit next. I cried and cried, and my boyfriend, embarrassed, kept apologizing to the Sprint lady for my strange behavior. He kept asking what was wrong and “why are you so upset? They’re just a bunch of dumb animals.” To which I began crying even harder. I didn’t want to kill any animals for my cell phone! I was clearly right, Sprint was a TERRIBLE choice!

I was so upset that I tore away and slid down a fireman pole (all within the PlayPlace theme, of course) and landed outside on the beach. I could see the ocean and a bunch of tourists scattered about. I was next to two white ladies who were sunbathing on those long, lay-down lawn chairs. They were wearing white floral one-piece swimsuits and straw brimmed hats. One was reading a newspaper or magazine while the one on the left was holding a tanning mirror. I could see her more clearly than the second lady. I knew my boyfriend would come after me, but I didn’t want to be found, so I ran down the beach just a little ways and found a set of bleachers where some teenage boys were playing around with a soccer ball. There were about 5 of them playing out on the sand, and 5 more sitting on the bleachers watching and having a good time. They all had their shirts off and were wearing swim shirts, and they were all white too. They looked a little offended that I had barged into their seating area, even though there was still plenty of space, but then they ignored me. I saw my boyfriend running in the sand looking for me and calling my name, but he couldn’t find me. He asked the two ladies where I was, and they pointed me out on the bleachers. My boyfriend was now wearing this girly blue outfit: it had bell sleeves like from the 70s, and it had a blotchy blue pattern on very light and airy sheer material. He kneeled down in front of me, took my hand, and asked me what was wrong and why had I run away?

Then I woke up.

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