People’s beliefs are stupid. And it’s ok to believe that.

The title here says it all.
A lot of times, people try to be peacemakers. They say we should be tolerant and let others be. I’m all for tolerance, but as Greta Christina says (and I’m paraphrasing), “You don’t have to tolerate intolerance.” The root of this means that there are some beliefs that are very exclusive (as in the opposite of inclusive.) The most obvious example right now is the bill in Arizona that would protect business owners who choose to refuse service to certain customers based on “sincere” religious convictions (in other words, the right not to serve the LGBT community if you are a conservative Christian.) We don’t need to be tolerant of that attitude.

In a similar strain of thought, we don’t have to “be respectful” of people’s beliefs in that we need to accept them as a viable viewpoint. Sure, be respectful as in don’t seek out trouble, don’t go out looking for a fight, but there’s no reason that you can’t think someone else’s ideas are stupid. For some reason, this seems to be taboo even in parts of the atheist community.

I’m allowed to think that the belief that a god had a human son, and that eating the flesh and drinking the blood of that son will bring some sort of benefit to the consumer is downright outrageous. I think that’s idiotic, and quite frankly it’s hard for me to remember why I ever believed that. (I think parental indoctrination had a lot to do with it.) I wouldn’t treat the person poorly for believing this; I would still serve the person at my place of business, I would work with him if he was a coworker, I would treat him politely, and I wouldn’t be opposed to being friends. This has nothing to do with thinking the belief is idiotic.

I have plenty of friends who believe in god. And I think that they are wrong, that this is a silly thing to think. All of us think someone else is wrong in at least some aspect; otherwise, we wouldn’t hold the belief that we have. If you are a Christian, but you think that atheism is not silly, then I would ask why you chose one over the other. If they are both equal, if both have merit, why are you of one faith and not another? To those who would say that it’s a matter of degree (“Well, Christianity is MORE correct than Judaism,”) then I still say there must be things you disagree with in the opposing view. Things that you think are wrong. Things that are silly, stupid, and foolish.

It’s ok to think that. It’s ok to think or to say that someone else’s viewpoint is silly. I personally think you ought to have some reasoning behind it, but my point is that there shouldn’t be a taboo on saying that someone else is wrong. It’s a misnomer to think that “tolerance” means “to agree with,” tolerance simply means you treat the person fairly; the idea can be complete bullocks.

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