I’ve been having a lot of fun quilting lately. You can do anything really, and I realized that it perfectly lends itself to 8-bit and pixel art. So what topic should I use? Nintendo characters, of course! I wanted to provide the templates here. I have the Yoshi one, but for some reason I’ve misplaced the file for the mushroom (my first quilt.) And yes, I know there is a pixel missing. But if I hadn’t said anything, would you have seen it? I decided not to fix it because I wanted to just allow myself to be imperfect. It’s ok. I heard a radio interview recently where a man said that his grandmother would always say, “Bah! Perfect is boring!”
So anyway, enjoy these quilting pics (the Yoshi one isn’t quite finished) and I hope you can use the template. I used 4″x4″ squares for the mushroom and 3″x3″ squares for Yoshi (it took a lot of time!) Good luck!

Template: blue yoshi

2013-11-13 11.09.32 2013-11-13 11.09.41 blue yoshi 2014-05-29 20.09.15 2014-05-29 20.09.45

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