Hi there. I like to blog to let out my frustrations; its like talking when you have no one to listen. But its better than a diary because you know that people actually have access to it. Plus, I always thought a diary should be hand written and that makes my hand cramp when I’ve got so much to think about! you are welcome to read and comment. My blog is a reflective space for me.

I am a chemistry major, so some of my blog entries are about science. Many others, however, are focused on my own personal philosophy and way of viewing things. I have had to reconstruct 100% of my personal beliefs in the past few years, and I like to type them out; it helps me explain things.

I used to be Catholic, but have since converted to skeptical/agnostic Judaism. I also tend to channel a bit of Buddhist and Shinto; we’ll see where I end up, I suppose!

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